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The CALMING KIDS In-person Certified Teacher Training Program Offers Two Tracks:(click tabs↙)

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1. For those who would like to learn a curriculum for students in Preschool through Elementary School, completion of Parts A and C  (see below) is required. $455.

To receive Yoga Teacher Certification for this age group, complete Parts A, C and D. $455 + $75.


2. For for those who would like to learn a curriculum for students in Preschool through High School, completion of Parts A – C (see below) is required. $575.

To receive Yoga Teacher Certification for this age group, complete Parts A – D. $575 + $75.


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22 contact hours includes: one age group (Part A or Part B)

plus Balance and Structural Form (Part C)  $455 


32 contact hours includes: Preschool – High School (Parts A & B) $625


CALMING KIDS Certified Yoga Teacher Requirements: To earn a CALMING KIDS Certification, participants must either complete both Parts A and C of the CK Teacher Training program or Parts B and C. They can also do both parts A and B if they want to be certified to teach from pre-school to high school. They will then teach the 6-day curriculum to either a class of students or a private student, and keep a detailed journal about their experiences. At the end of the 6 days, the journal is submitted for review — and, pending approval, their CALMING KIDS Certificate will be issued (Part D).


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Part A: 14 Hours  $345


CALMING KIDS Pre-school and Elementary Age Curriculum This easy-to-implement curriculum is based on the Six Intentions of Understanding, which follows the hierarchical Kosha model of yoga therapy. Designed for teachers and parents of preschool and elementary-school children, this program focuses on developing physical fitness and awareness, offering an assortment of exercises and techniques to implement for the development of concentration, relaxation, and inner-calm. Participants in the program learn numerous methods for teaching these techniques, such as games, play-acting, teamwork, and pranayama breath-work. Students of CK’s Preschool and Elementary Age Curriculum are introduced to a simple and effective nonviolent-communication model that involves conflict-resolution scenarios and non-violent communication, helping prepare them to handle conflict peacefully in the years to come.[/one_third]

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Part B: 14 Hours  $345

CALMING KIDS Middle and High School Age Curriculum Rooted in the same basic structure as the CK Preschool and Elementary Age Curriculum, this program has been adapted to the needs and concerns of older elementary-school students, preteens, and teens. Participants are trained to help students understand and express their emotions, as well as how to find balance between the desires of the mind, body, and heart. Using an Ayurvedic approach, the science of  a balanced life, this program takes professionals and parents on an analytical journey through the teenage mind, helping them better relate to their teenagers’ struggles. Participants learn specific yoga postures and relaxation practices that are deemed more appropriate to this age group. The non-violent communication model is also finely tuned to meet their needs.


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Part C: 8 Hours  $160

Balance and Structural Form: Two classes to bring body and mind into perfect balance.

The CALMING KIDS Balance program introduces teachers to Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy concepts that create balance at any age. Participants learn to better identify the unique characteristics of their students and to build a knowledge base that they can rely upon when designing healing curricula for children, teens, and adults. Teachers learn the significance of acknowledging elements that impact their students’ daily lives, such as the biological influences of holding yoga classes at certain times during the day, and the effects of environmental and seasonal changes.

The CK technique and Structural Form class is based on Structural Yoga Therapy, as founded by Mukunda Stiles. This program is designed to deepen teachers’ understanding of asanas and postures — so that they can correct their own positioning and help their students find greater strength, stretch, and ease in each pose.

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Part D: Mentoring for Certification  $75


[notify_box style=”blue”]Practical Experience & Journal   For this portion of the program, participants must teach the 6-hour CK curriculum to either a private student or a class. During this time, they are required to keep a detailed journal — documenting their experiences and lesson plans — which they will  submit. An appointment will be set up with a CALMING KIDS mentor for support and review of the journal.[/notify_box]

[notify_box style=”blue”]Ayurveda is the Science of Longevity, which is why CALMING KIDS incorporates Ayurvedic yoga techniques into its program: Its principles allow teachers to gain greater insight into working with students of all ages. [/notify_box]

[notify_box style=”yellow”]Ayurvedic refers to the knowledge of life. As the art and science of keeping the body and mind balanced and healthy, Ayurvedic yoga is helpful for students of all ages. Its principles allow teachers to gain greater insight into working with students who, in turn, learn to reach their full potential as self-empowered individuals. [/notify_box]