Our Approach

CALMING KIDS, founded in the fall of 2004, was originally a pilot program at Boulder, Colorado’s Heatherwood Elementary School. A Harvard statistician studying the school’s 150 fourth and fifth grade students found Calming Kids effective in teaching children non-violent communication and a respect for their peers’ personal space.

  • Evidence-Based
  • Supports Anger Management
  • Improves Concentration
  • Reduces Stress
  • Promotes Physical Wellbeing
  • Fosters Empathy

Over the next four years, the CALMING KIDS program was integrated with Heatherwood Elementary’s academic curriculum with overwhelming success. The study found the yoga program largely successful in helping children exercise, relieve stress, manage aggression, find inner peace, and communicate more effectively. In only six sessions, CK was able to increase students’ anger management by 93 percent — improving relationships with peers and teachers.

Our Mission

CALMING KIDS’ primary goal is to promote a positive, peaceful, strong, and self-confident attitude leading to calm and effective communication among members of the school community. CALMING KIDS stands proudly as a peaceful warrior in the pursuit of creating a more harmonious world. We strongly believe that fostering peace in younger generations will eventually phase out violence as they mature and gain more influence over the world community.

An interview with Creator and Director of CALMING KIDS, Dee Marie, MA, CYT, on the creation and evolution of CALMING KIDS and the School Yoga Education Movement. 

—  First National Kids Yoga Conference, Washington D.C.

According to a 2001 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, bullying and aggressive behavior are on the rise in American schools. CALMING KIDS is an effective solution, training school teachers, counselors, yoga teachers, and students how to use non-denominational yoga techniques to increase concentration, relaxation, and fitness as a means promoting non-violent communication and anger management.

The CK program administered to children has been proven to reduce bullying and violence in schools, in addition to helping develop better coping mechanisms while increasing students’ concentration.

The effects of yoga on health and behavior have been widely researched

Evidence Based Practice

Every year during the 3 year research period, students were asked to fill out a questionnaire before and after undergoing the two-week program.


The results were analyzed by Dr. Grace Wyshak at Harvard School of Public Health.


  • 93% Decrease in hitting others at school
  • 38% Decrease in fidgeting
  • 76% Decrease in hitting others after school
  • 55% Decrease in being hit by others at school
  • 44% Decrease in feeling bullied at school
  • 68% decrease in feeling angry for no reason
  • 81% decrease in feeling that others were angry at them
  • 63% decrease in feeling distracted by other students


  • 81% Improvement in anger management
  • 80% Improvement in focusing on the teacher
  • 76% Improvement in focusing on in-class assignments
  • 87% Improvement in focusing on homework
  • 40% Improvement in listening skills
  • 58% Improvement in ease of falling asleep at night


"Yoga is effective in the treatment of neurological disorders such as epilepsy." (Panjawi et at. 1997)


"Certain forms of yogic breathing may also improve spatial memory tasks." (Naveen et al. 1997)


"Yogic breathing has been shown to slow cardiovascular rhythms." (Bernardi et al. 2001)


"Yoga is effective in treating symptoms of mental health disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder." (Shannahoff-Khalsa and Becket 1996)


“Yoga has been shown to increase the motor performance of school children.” (Telles et al. 1993).


“Yogic breathing has been shown to slow cardiovascular rhythms.” (Bernardi et al. 2001).


“Certain forms of yogic breathing may also improve spatial memory tasks.” (Naveen et al. 1997).


“Yoga ameliorates symptoms of asthma.” (Khanam et al. 1996)


CALMING KIDS in action

Our Partners

These are the school districts that use our programs, the organizations that donate money, and the collaborations of support.

Rotary Club of the Boulder Valley
Boulder Valley School District
Shine On Yoga Therapy
PayPal Giving Fund
Amazon Smile
Austin Community Foundation
Colorado Medical Society
American Medical Association Alliance
Denver Public School District
Entre Amigos – in Mexico
Give Back Yoga Foundation
Jefferson County Colorado public school district
The April Fund
Longmont Community Foundation
Boulder Nablus Sister City Project
Optimist International
Shiloh House
Stream Learn
Summit County Colorado School District
Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science & Philosophy
Pioneers Baccalaureate School – Nablus Palestine
St. Vrain Valley School District
Wayne Highlands School District