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In person or virtual training for teachers, parents, youth providers or high school age students.
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Calming Kids teacher training is fun, interactive and intellectually informative. It consists of lectures, open discussions, partner practices and experiential learning. Participants are introduced to a simple range of motion movement routine and easy yoga exercises, breathing practices, relaxation techniques and mindfulness skills to increase mental health and wellness for students of all ages and for school staff.

CK’s evidence-based curriculum explores techniques to increase concentration, respect personal space and assist in making better choices. Attendees will learn how to teach students solutions for managing stress and the mechanics of effective breathing for self-regulation and relaxation.  Training participants will also find the calming techniques useful for themselves, enabling them to become effective role models for students.

Available Online Courses

In-Person Teacher Training - Available Upon Request

Teacher Training or Certification for the CK Preschool through Elementary Age Curriculum

Teacher Training or Certification for the CK Middle through High School Age Curriculum