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CALMING KIDS 6 Day Yoga & Mindfulness Curriculum 


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Yoga as Mindful Practices

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Calming Kids for Preschool+

Calming Kids for Elementary  

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CALMING KIDS (CK): Creating a Non-Violent World 

Joyous, holistic and mindful education programs 

Online Offerings during the COVID-19 Outbreak

  • Online Streaming: Free and On Demand Videos for preschool – high school age students. 
  • Simple Self-Regulation Strategies: A course for educators who need a quick online toolkit. CALMINGKIDS.YOGA 
  • Nurture the Nurturer: Online yoga, movement and relaxation classes for adults. Adult class
  • Online Teacher Training for Elementary Educators: 5 hours of instructional videos.
    Online Teacher Training.
  • Support products: Workbooks, meditation books, self-regulation posters, yoga flash cards, songs & dances, audio recordings, coloring and guide books, and much more. CK Shop
  • Enlightened Parenting: Private and group online classes are offered for families to learn how to communicate more effectively and use calming techniques at home. Contact Us

  • "It was the best workshop I've ever taken."–Teacher, St. Vrain School District, Longmont, CO

  • "Thanks for teaching me how to take a moment and allow myself to hear my breathing." – High School Student, BVSD, Boulder, CO

  • "The atmosphere in the classroom after yoga is more peaceful."–Teacher, BVSD, Boulder, CO

  • "Thanks to you I have started doing yoga on the weekends and I LOVE it!"–High School Student, BVSD, Boulder, CO

  • "I have personally benefited from the six sessions of yoga and so have my students. Their focus is so much better ..."–Teacher, BVSD, Boulder, CO

  • "Thank you for teaching us different methods to cope with stress and self care."–High School Student, BVSD, Boulder, CO

  • "I feel that it has made a difference in our school community and climate with our 4th and 5th graders..." – Principal, BVSD Boulder, CO

  • "I truly believe it was magical! I feel totally enlightened by the whole experience."– Art & PE Teacher, Longmont, CO


Complete the course on your own schedule. This online course will prepare you to deliver the Calming Kids curriculum to your students immediately!


CALMING KIDS will be found in different areas of the country or abroad. Click on the image above to keep abreast of our latest training dates.


A variety of products are available to support teaching, learning and finding the joys of yoga.


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CALMING KIDS (CK): Creating a Non-Violent World is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that reduces bullying and violence and increases concentration and mindfulness for school age students by training adults, children and teens using a proven curriculum of yoga education. Kids Yoga Teacher Training