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Mindfulness Training for Students

CALMING KIDS trains youth professionals who work with school aged students

CALMING KIDS curriculum supports social, emotional and mental wellness, and mindfulness training through yoga practices. CALMING KIDS was founded in the fall of 2004, originally as a pilot program at Boulder, Colorado’s Heatherwood Elementary School. A Harvard statistician studying the school’s 150 fourth and fifth grade students found Calming Kids effective in teaching children non-violent communication and a respect for their peers’ personal space.

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Mindfulness & Self-Regulation Trainings

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CALMING KIDS has attracted an exceptional team of yoga teachers, authors, and administrators all working to support the CK mission.

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Learn how to effectively & confidently respond to conflicts

CALMING KIDS curriculum benefits all students, including those who often find themselves in aggressive or passive roles. 

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THANK YOU so much for offering this amazing opportunity to help the children I work with. I greatly enjoyed the benefits of feeling relaxed, learning calming mindfulness techniques that will benefit me and our children, and being inspired to find a workout that IS for me. Dee is an incredible instructor and the materials we received are wonderful for our programs. I have already begun using some techniques we learned and they work.
Boulder Valley School Elementary Teacher
"Thank you for helping me overcome my anxiety with your breathing methods."
“This program is incredibly practical with hands-on ideas that can be implemented to help children grow stronger and more self-aware.”
5th grade teacher

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