Social-Emotional Learning

A tailored and supportive approach to improve your school's SEL program.

Yoga & Mindfulness Support SEL

Yoga and mindfulness support and improve brain function. Repeated practices of self-awareness of thought and breath, performed in a non-judgmental manner, send a message to the brain that we are worthy of self-love.  Self-compassion develops and fosters empathy for others, increasing connections to self, school, family and community. Curiosity leads the mindful student to get back in touch with the wonders and possibilities of life.  As students improve awareness and recognition of difficult emotions, they become less afraid. This leads to a healthier state of mind.

Encouraging physical and mental well-being through the balancing of energy and emotions enhances academic performance and cultivates a greater capacity for happiness, compassion for self and others, and increases the likelihood for success in school and beyond.

Our approaches are aligned with many components of CASEL’s SEL Framework.

Learning outcomes

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