Classroom Streaming Video Series for Movement and Mindfulness Education


A collection of short mindfulness education videos streamed into the classroom to enhance knowledge and practice of relaxation, breathing, mindfulness and self-regulation.

(Pre-K – High School). 19 video package for $150 per school.



Click here for a 2 minute video demonstration: CALMING KIDS ~ Checking-In

This Video Package includes 19 Short 1-4 Minute Mindfulness Education Videos:

Upon purchasing this video package, you will receive an email with the log in information to stream them from your computer!

  1. Checking-In (all-ages)
  2. AM Wake-Up to Learn (all-ages)
  3. AM Wake-Up with Music (all-ages)
  4. AM Wake-Up Follow Along (Pre-School and Elementary)
  5. AM Wake-Up with Elementary Children (Elementary)
  6. Slinky Spine (Pre-School and Early Elementary)
  7. Salutation to the Sun – Song (Pre-School and Early Elementary)
  8. Hero Sequence (all-ages)
  9. Balance & Teamwork (Elementary & Teen)
  10. Partner Yoga (Elementary & Teen)
  11. Powerful Center (Elementary & Teen)
  12. Breathing 1 (Elementary)
  13. Breathing 1 (Teen)
  14. Breathing 2 (Elementary)
  15. Breathing 2 (Teen)
  16. Alternate Nostril (Elementary & Teen)
  17. Calming Breath (Elementary & Teen)
  18. Crocodile Pose (all-ages)
  19. Creative Visualization (all-ages)


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