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“The Yoga Sessions,” a project by cellist Dave Eggar and producer David Schemer, stands as a yogic homage to Mozart. “David told me about his yoga series,” Eggar remarks, “and I had been thinking about how to create music suited for the yoga experience. I go to class a lot, and I hear world music, trance, and singer/songwriter material. I thought it would be an interesting concept to record classical music intentioned to function in a yoga class.”

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Mozart CD by cellist Dave Eggar offers Classical Music for yoga.

For cellist Dave Eggar, the parallels between Mozart and yoga reside in the (sense of) flow and grace we feel in our bodies. “Where Mozart intersects with yoga is in the depth of these pieces corresponding to the depths of your body on an energetic level,” says Eggar. Just as a master musician creates an effortless journey between the phrases of each piece of music, so the yogi is able to accentuate each posture with a natural poise. This idea was the foundation of his new album; The Yoga Sessions:Dave Eggar Quartet: MOZART.

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