CALMING KIDS Songs and Pledges – Booklet & CD (download)

Songs & Pledges is intended to be used at the beginning of a class or at the end of a school day.   Downloaded as a .pdf and the audio is downloaded as a .zipfile; easily opened and played in iTunes or Windows Media player. 


  • Targets students from preschool through middle school age. 
  • Recorded voices of children, teens, and adults sing and recite the various soundtracks.
  • This booklet offers a variety of poems, songs, and yoga pledges that bring a positive community and camaraderie to any group of young students.
  • A lyric booklet and CD with 17 audio tracks of yoga songs, dances, and intention-setting practices.

 The Booklet is downloaded as a .pdf and the audio is downloaded as a .zipfile.