Chakra Banner 8″x 14″ long

14” x 8”

Made in Bali, this short-hand dyed banner represents the beautiful rainbow colors and symbols of the 7 Chakras — with vital energy centers housed along the spinal column). The banner complements both the CALMING KIDS Chakra Guidebook, a coloring book which lists yoga practices for the chakras, and the CALMING KIDS Playful Yoga CD, which includes the Bija Mantra (the mantra of the chakras) in the track “Chakra Beatbox.” Price includes $2.99 shipping



Our bodies are like radio stations with an inner antenna that receives signals from the universe. This inner antenna runs from the length of our spine to the crown of our head. It is the main canal for the life force energy to flow inside our bodies. Chakras are centers of emotion, intellect and consciousness which are aligned along the body from our upper brain to the base of our spine. These seven Chakras, centers of energy and emotion, govern our very being. “A Chakra Guidebook” is the perfect accompaniment to any instruction of conscious connection to self and the energy body. Learn about them, understand them, and flourish as the result.  Dee Marie

To help you better understand the Chakras, order our Chakra Coloring Book: for teens and adults

A Special Guide to Understanding the Importance of the Chakras

The illustrations, along with more information will leave you with a deeper understanding of the Chakra System.



Small Chackra Banner