CALMING KIDS: Creating a Non-Violent World
Video Project Information

About the Project:

CALMING KIDS (CK) recognizes the importance of supporting mental health to reduce stress & anxiety.  We would like your help with this! In collaboration with a student at CU Boulder, we are gathering short (1 minute or less) videos of teens sharing ways that they destress. The videos will be posted individually on TikTok via CK’s account for followers to access. At the end of the project, videos will be compiled into one film that will be available for teachers to purchase for use in their classrooms.

Our goals are to:

• Provide teens with a toolkit of strategies to reduce stress and anxiety
• Increase conversation among teens about ways to support their well-being
• Give adults insight into the ways teens manage stress

But really anyone can benefit from these videos!


CALMING KIDS (CK): Creating a Non-Violent World is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that reduces bullying and violence and increases concentration and mindfulness for school age students by training adults, children and teens using a proven curriculum of yoga education. Visit our website to learn more.

Our Founder, Dee Marie is the Creator and Director of CALMING KIDS: Creating a Non-Violent World. Dee has a master’s degree in Child and Motor development from NYU and is a certified health instructor from the American College of Sports Medicine. She is a certified yoga therapist working with all ages and abilities teaching yoga, relaxation, meditation and self-regulation since 1986. Dee Marie is the SAVE (Stop America’s Violence Everywhere) representative for the State of Colorado nominated by the American Medical Association Alliance.

To participate in this project, download and sign the media consent form.  By signing the media consent form, you are agreeing that CK may use your video for the purposes described in the release. If you have any questions or concerns about your participation in the project, please contact us.

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To participate, click the link below and download the media consent form.


Email completed forms and videos to 

with the subject “Video Project Submission.”