Mental Health Week at a Denver Public High School

April 2023: Calming Kids (CK): Creating a Non-Violent World

Last week, we presented at the STRIVE Prep Public High School’s annual academic conference, “Mental Health Crisis.”


The Intersession week took place on April 4th-7th at a public high school in Aurora.

Intersession is a college-style conference on a specific topic where the goal is to change the educational setting for a week and dive deep into one subject. In the past, they have done Mass Incarceration, Immigration, and Gender and Sexualities Inequalities.

This year, the goal was to learn various causes and systems that impact our Mental Health and solutions and opportunities to take action for better Mental Health.

Our CK team delivered 2-8 sessions daily during the event, ranging from seminars to hands-on mindfulness and meditation activities for the students, teachers, and faculty. We loved our time at this school and felt deeply inspired by the hard work of these students and teachers, who were also preparing for the upcoming CMAS testing the following week.


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