Shift into Joy for the Holiday Season


Find the Soothing Warmth in Your Own Heart 
Nurture Your Heart so that You Can Give to Others
During this Holiday Season and Beyond

Got Stress?
Studying for school finals
Shopping/ wrapping/ shipping gifts
Scheduling parties and school events…

5 Tips for Finding Joy this Holiday Season:

1. Talk about what is going on within yourself and how you are handling stress. This will help you and your child or teen open up to talk about theirsTry to label your worries. Talk about them to your children, friends, or family. Then encourage your children or teens to express their current concerns.

Decide if there is something that you can let go of.

2. Review strategies from the past together and create new opportunities.Become insightful: How have you handled stress successfully in the past? Communicate together ways to create strategies that can help everyone smoothly navigate this year’s challenges.

What do you love to do? Make cookies, gather for a delicious meal, visit with family or friends in person or online?

3. Focus on the positive. The rollercoaster of life goes up and down, less stress and good moods will soon rise again. Discuss things to look forward to. Speak in terms of positive thoughts and focus on brighter joyful days ahead.

Allow joy to move through a list of thoughts and ideas.

4. Design a daily routine of mindfulness and reflection. Establish a daily routine; use quiet time as an opportunity to check-in. Take time to move, stretch, talk, and become mindful. Teach your family to practice positive self-talk to cope with their worries. Observe if some of the stress management strategies are working.

Check-In (click here!).
Listening to music can help; take a moment to locate your breath, restore your mental health, and focus to seek a calm center.

5. Exhibit a peaceful energy for your family to follow. Try your best to exhibit calmness and confidence when talking to your family. Kids are quick to mirror feelings. Give examples of successes and failures, communicate that, “We are all in this together!”

The peace begins with you & me.

Peace Emerges From Within