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Daily reminder!

3 days ago


“If we wish to create lasting peace we must begin with the children” Mahatma Gandi

4 days ago


We strongly believe that a child who practices nonviolence is also a child who practices self-awareness and mindfulness. Children who are aware of themselves also tend to be more aware of the effects their actions have on others.

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The CK program administered to children has been proven to reduce bullying and violence in schools, in addition to helping develop better coping mechanisms while increasing students’ concentration.

1 week ago


Calming Kids’ Dee Marie giving training to Puerto Rican school teachers.

The CALMING KIDS Facebook page has up to date happenings with new pics and videos posted all the time.

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Dee Marie, M.A., C.Y.T. Dee holds a Masters Degree from New York University in therapeutic exercise and motor development and became certified by the American College of Sports Medicine. She was also the President of the Association of Personal Trainers in New York City for 2 years. Dee uses her extensive educational and practical experience in Dance, yoga therapy, sports training, child and motor development, exercise therapy, relaxation and meditation to provide private and class instruction for individuals of all ages and populations in Colorado and nationally.

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