Yoga Keeps Me Calm, Fit and Focused (download)

YOGA KEEPS ME Calm, Fit & Focused is an educational booklet that presents the benefits of yoga exercise, relaxation and positive communication. 


  • Good for upper elementary through early middle school age students. 
  • The topic of this booklet is AHIMSA, non-violence to oneself and others. 
  • It guides readers to understand important concepts concerning proper breathing, concentration techniques, and yoga exercises (asanas).
  • Non-violent strategies and conflict resolution topics are addressed. 
  • Wholesale rates for quantity discounts are available for the classroom, clinic, or studio.
  • Translated into: English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic.
  • Special or bulk orders – contact us.

Available in English, Spanish, Japanese, and Arabic – 

Yoga Keeps Me Calm, Fit and Focused