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Do you ever feel insecure? Like you lack creativity? Or are easily irritated with others? What about affectionate? Chatty? Imaginative? All of these qualities, and many more, lead us towards energy centers in our body called Chakras. These energy centers, when they are functioning well, help us to feel balanced, strong, and positive. When they need a tune up, we notice that because we feel overwhelmed, emotional, or lost. Those feelings are our clue that it might be time to pause and practice some deeper self care. One beautiful and simple way to practice chakra self care can be found in A Chakra Guide Book, by Dee Marie, Creator of Calming Kids. This simple yet informative workbook is also a coloring book, giving you the opportunity to slow down, absorb the color of the chakra, and contemplate the qualities that you embody when the chakra is in balance – asΒ  you color the beautiful shapes of each chakra.

The book also includes several simple yoga series, breathing meditations, and sound vibrations you can use to engage your whole system, or to focus on a particular chakra.

Do you have a color that you are drawn to? Is there a particular issue that keeps showing up in your life? Is there an area of your body that experiences injury, pain, or illness? These questions can lead you to a particular chakra that needs some attention. As you deepen your awareness of these energy centers, you can heal yourself through color therapy, sound vibrations, movement, and breath. Although you may or may not notice an immediate shift, as you work with the subtle energy in your body, your life begins to change. Negative patterns dissolve, habits shift, and you cease recreating the same unhealthy situations. You learn to notice more quickly when you are out of balance, and you build your toolbox for self-healing. Learning about the chakras, and knowing simple tools for healing them, can bring peace, strength, and empowerment.

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