Yoga Fool Presents Calming Kids



The mission of Calming Kids is “to train and certify educational and healthcare professionals how to teach yoga in the school systems and clinics.”  CK addresses and manages childhood aggression, obesity, stress, self-abuse, bullying, and violent behavior with a comprehensive, nondenominational, classically-based yoga program in the school and healthcare systems. The methods include yoga psychology, breathing practices, concentration techniques, exercise postures, and conflict resolution skits to control violence and aggression and increase concentration.  CK targets preschool through high school students, emphasizing not harming oneself or others, learning to respect personal space, and high-level concentration practices to enhance academics and encourage non-violent behavior.


Dee Marie, a Boulder resident and yoga therapist for 20 years and Colorado’s Stop America’s Violence Everywhere representative, created the classical yoga program and booklet under the American Medical Alliance that specifically targets the issues of violence, childhood aggression, and bullying in schools.  Ms. Marie performed a study of 4th and 5th graders in Boulder County, showing a 93% decrease in hitting in school, a 68% decrease in feeling angry for no reason, a 57% increase in the ability to control anger, and an overall improved ability to sleep, in only six 45-minute sessions.
The CK program received the Ester Long Award from the Colorado Medical Society Alliance for innovative community health programs in 2005.  In 2006, CK received the Health Awareness Promotion Award from the national division of the American Medical Association Alliance.
The CK program has been incorporated into academic curriculums in Boulder, Lyons, Denver, and Summit County, Colorado, as well as in Virginia, Maryland, Missouri, and Delaware.  Dee Marie’s program is also gaining attention globally, with many requests from other countries with bullying and childhood aggression issues, such as Canada, Columbia, and Europe.
Jes Lucero currently offers the CK Yoga program to all ages of children; pre-school through high school.
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